Founder and Lineage



二零一二年,張智明師父榮獲頒發英女皇鑽禧勳章及由總督David Johnston 代女皇簽署的勳章證書,表揚張師父對加國和社區義務工作均作出了傑出的貢獻。近年張智明師父再隨太極拳名師閻忠才師父學習吳式太極拳,更成為閻師父的入室弟子,為吳式太極拳第六代傳人,現為漢中吳式太極拳館滿地可分館總幹事兼教練。


Sifu Paul Cheung was born to a martial arts family, he learned Chinese Kungfu from his grandfather and father. Grandfather is the famous Mok Gar fist master Wong Hung. Father Cheung Su, was the disciples of the Chi Kung master Chan Dau.  Therefore, Sifu inherited from his family line a solid and good Kungfu foundation.

During Sifu Paul Cheung youthful days in Hong Kong, he followed the late Wing Tsun master Mui Yat.  When his master immigrated to United States, Sifu Paul followed Master Ma Kwok-Foo for Hung Gar techniques and weapons.  He learned the Lion Dance techniques from Hung Sing Choy Lee Fut Fist master Cheng Kwok-Fai and Hung Gar Fist master Leung Kam-Kwong in Cheung Chow Cheung Ching Tong Fa Pao Wui.  In the ensuing years, Sifu followed Master Hung Sun Chuen in North Harbor Flying Dragon Dance Club to learn traditional Dragon Dance.  Incorporating his several masters’ teachings and techniques, together with his own studious practice for years, Sifu Paul has consolidated successfully the techniques and styles in Lion Dance and Dragon Dance.

Since Sifu Paul Cheung immigrated to Montreal in 1994, Sifu has trained hundreds of students and has been leading his Kungfu, dragon dance and lion dance performing teams to perform in a variety of commercial, social, charitable and public events.

Sifu Paul Cheung was awarded the Medal of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Award and the Medal Certificate signed by Governor David Johnston on behalf of the Queen, for Sifu outstanding contribution to Canada and the Community. In recent years, Sifu Paul followed Wu style Tai Chi Master Yan Zhongcai to learn Tai Chi techniques, and became one of his disciples, the sixth generation of Wu-style Tai Chi descendant. At present, Sifu Paul is the executive and coach of Hanzhong Wu style Tai Chi Club Montreal branch.